What a difference a year makes

This time last year we made a huge decision, probably one of the biggest decisions we had ever made. We decided to uproot our family and move interstate, away from everyone we knew, away from everything that was comfortable and secure to a place that we had only driven through on the way to our annual holiday place. We saw it as an opportunity, live life like a holiday, give our children something we craved, an endless summer of beach visits and adventure. We asked ourselves if we were crazy or stupid more times than you can imagine and we took the leap before we thought long enough to answer.

Since that decision was made a lot has happened. We fell pregnant and we had Posy, we sold our first home, Leo started preschool, Duncan started his new career, we have spent countless days exploring our new surroundings and the sand that seems to get everywhere no longer bothers me. We have been grateful for our bold move more times than we have regretted it, yet I have uttered the words home sick more times than I care to admit.

I am a proud person so putting down in words that I get homesick to the point where I am ready to pack it all up and move home is hard to admit. I never thought I would be like this, it is hard to explain how I can love living somewhere so much but miss so much about my old life at the same time.
Homesickness is an interesting one. It isn’t the home that I miss. A place or town doesn’t matter to me so much, Duncan and I have lived in five different houses, we are movable people and we are generally happy with that. But it is the people that we miss.
It’s the impromptu family dinners that we used to host, it’s the pop ins after work or how I used to go get drive through coffees, kids in tow, and take them around to my sister and her now husband’s place and just sit there with them while Duncan worked on a weekend.
It’s all the little things that you don’t get in a new town. It’s not being able to say that I miss everyone in front of Leo because if I do, he wants to go home. It’s not letting myself get upset when they leave after a visit because if I let myself do that it takes me a day to recover. It’s feeling like I can’t explain it to anyone else because my relationship with my sisters isn’t like most people’s relationships with their family. It’s being so incredibly happy with the place that you live but almost annoyed at the same time because it is so far away from all the things that are comfortable to you, from all of your people.

This time last year we decided to change our lives in a huge way. And, (even though the above paragraph may leave you begging to differ), despite the bouts of homesickness that hit me when I need it least, it is truly one of the best decisions we ever made. We took a leap that most people would be too afraid (or sensible) to do.
Yes, it has been tough. We’ve missed opportunities being here, my career has taken a hit, we are probably a few years behind buying another house than we would’ve been if we stayed where we were, most of our family and friends won’t meet Posy until she is well and truly laughing, and we have missed so many of those simple family catch ups that I love so much, but despite all that, knowing what I know now, I would still go back and make the same decision.

I write all this sounding like it is coming to an end, but we have no intention to move home any time soon. We signed on for two years and we will be here for at least two years.
Since becoming parents every decision we have made has been for our kids. Duncan going to uni, me starting my own business, my decision to stay home with the children for as long as I have, and our latest choice; moving here. When you ask Leo and Maisie where they want to go for the day their answer is the beach, we go for drives around our neighborhood to spot kangaroos, we walk along the beach there is a chink of shells that comes from their pockets and as the days are heating up I can go outside and almost smell the ocean in the air.
We miss our families and friends, we may not have what we had a year ago but my children still know who is important to them and our life is rich in many ways. We consider ourselves lucky that we had this opportunity, and that we actually took it. Our life, honestly, it feels like a holiday, every day when I drive out my driveway and see the ocean in the distance I am reminded why we moved here, most days I am in disbelief that we are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place.
I will always appreciate the time we had here, we are creating the most wonderful memories with our children and I know that this has been the right choice for us.
Will we stay here forever? Probably not, our family pull is too strong, but are we going to make the most of it while we have it? Absolutely!!!






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