What’s in a name?… 2nd edition

Two years ago to this day I wrote a blog post called ‘What’s in a name?’. Now I find myself, finding difficulty in exactly the same thing, never would I have predicted two years ago that this would be the case, but hooray for us, here we are…

We are five weeks from baby three, meaning we have known about this baby for thirty-five weeks. We know that it is coming, the bag is packed, the cot is built, the car seat is going in the car next week, I am getting to the extremely uncomfortable stage, yet still we do not know what to call this baby.

Maybe it is because we are both serial procrastinators, maybe it is because it is most likely the last child we will get to name, maybe it is because we are extremely picky, or maybe it is a combination of all the above and we kind of feel like we exhausted our options with the first two.
Having one girl and one boy and very short lists will do that.
We have gone from having a girl and a boy option, birthing a boy, saving the girls name, naming our second that girls name without really having a definite boys name in mind. And now, when it comes to the third, we are simply stuck.
Our names have changed as many times as the weeks have. We have gone from loving a name and knowing the baby’s name (depending on gender) to seriously considering letting Leo name his new little brother or sister.

The fact that some people find joy in this part baffles me, I find it confusing, slightly stressful and a touch frustrating. Not being able to agree with Duncan being the frustrating part. We have both had names that we have immediately dismissed that were suggested by the other. Neither of us want to settle and nor should either of us have to.

When we named our first we antagonised over every single detail;
– What does that name sound like on an adult?
– Is that name professional enough if they become some sort of big-wig?
– How does it sound with our last name?
– Is it too popular/is it too different?
What if everyone else hates it?

We used to think there was so much to consider, now we are naming the third our details have come down to two things;
Do we love it?
– Does it sound ok with the other two children’s names?

This time, naming our baby, I am less concerned about what people will think of our choice than I ever have been before. I am less concerned about what the name sounds like on an adult or how professional it sounds because a) people name their babies all kinds of crazy stuff these days, and b) they will grow in to and become whatever we decide to name them. My biggest concern is finding that name that we both undoubtedly love – note to all parents to be, this is the hard part.

So here we sit, approximately thirty-five-ish days from D-day and a list of about seven or eight names for each gender.
With each day we become more ruthless with our eliminations, and we both are currently sitting pretty evenly with our favourties, in fact, I think we are about 80% decided now. But if I have learnt anything in the last thirty-five weeks, it is that, we can love a name for weeks and weeks and suddenly it no longer feels or sounds right, so it is scrapped.
We will get there, the nights where I lay awake going through name options are becoming less and less and in my head, I am starting to see our future with our little (insert secret name options here). We may not know how or when they will come, but one thing I do know is that this baby will have a name on its birthday and it will be the most perfect name for our perfect little soul, (but Baby if you could give us a few more weeks to make sure we are sure then that would be appreciated – Thanks, see you soon x).

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4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?… 2nd edition

  1. It’s so tough! We never decide on a name until they’re actually born. We usually have a short list of three and pick from that, once the baby arrives. One of our criteria is usually ‘would I feel happy with that name’, helps us!


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