How is the third pregnancy different?

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let this third baby be the forgotten one, the one that just has to go along with it all, the one that just has to fit in. I swore to myself that I would make a fuss, that I would do exactly what I had done for the previous two and (now that I am a more experienced mother) more.

How is that going you may ask? Well, lets see….

Lets start with photos of my pregnant self. Pregnancy 1(P1), Leo, I took next to no photos, something I regretted so something that I vowed to change next time around. Pregnancy 2 (P2), Maisie, I documented my pregnancy week by week in photos, it was amazing to see the changes my body went through in sometimes just a week and something I was so glad I did. Now we get to Pregnancy 3 (P3), currently 23 weeks and I think I have three photos, one at about 14-15 weeks, one at 20, and one I took yesterday. Every week I think to myself I am going to make sure I get a bump photo this week and each week comes and goes and still no photo, something that takes next to no time, yet running after the other two and how they seem to jump on me as soon as I bring my phone out, I just have not had the chance.


Speaking of photos, P1 and P2 had their precious ultrasound pictures displayed so nicely on the fridge until the moment they were born, a little reminder of how the thing that was karate chopping my insides was adorable and squishy. I lost P3’s ultrasound pictures for about two weeks soon after we brought them home, (sorry baby), they have now been found, crumpled by their older sister and thankfully still in one piece. There will be no displaying on the fridge, as Maisie is baby crazy and takes the picture whenever she sees it, so instead it stays hidden in our room, still a reminder of said cuteness, but just a secret ‘hidden from the siblings’ reminder.

The next big difference is the movements, or the lack of noticing them. When I was asked about movements at my last midwife appointment, I said that it didn’t move much compared to the other two, that it only really moved at the end of the day, to which she said “it is moving all day, you probably don’t feel it because of the other two”. Again baby I am sorry, not even born yet and you are already being put last in line because of your older siblings. Since that moment I have started to try and stop when I have felt kicks, trying to show Leo what it feels like, only for him to tell me that he feels nothing and run away.

Names is another issue when you are talking third baby. Especially when you have a boy, a girl and a very opinionated three year old who thinks he gets a say in what the baby is and what it will be called. (Apparently it’s a boy and it is being called Robbie or Michael). P1 we had one boys name, one girls name, to which we used the boys name; Leo. P2, we had the girls name from P1 and we kind of had a boys name but we were not set on a name, luckily we could use our girls name; Maisie. There you have it our number one names for each sex used, now what do we do?
Trying to think of names is always hard. We have a couple, but nothing that we are sold on yet, so P3’s name might be a close to last minute decision, something that was definitely not the case for the last two.

As I said before I am 23 weeks, something I only really know because of the app on phone that I check to tell me how far along I am. I feel like this pregnancy is going so fast now and the weeks are just flying by. My last two I knew exactly how far along I was and when. I knew, as most Mothers probably should, my due date without even thinking about it, and with P3 I am finding myself pausing to think about the August date that the baby is due to come. I tell myself that this is because I know it won’t come on that date anyway so if I say mid-August that is close enough, and not because I have simply forgotten.

I may not have had the chance to take note of this pregnancy as much as I have the previous ones, be that in photos, blogs or even just quiet time, but that is not to say that this pregnancy has been forgotten (even if the due date has been from time to time). I am well aware that once the baby comes it may have to wait for a little bit before I get a chance to tend to him or her, that I will be sharing my already divided time with three instead of two, that it will not be how it was with the others, but I think that is part of the beauty of it. We have two others, that’s part of what makes this pregnancy so exciting. Leo is actually taking it in, more so than he did with Maisie, and tells me constantly how much he loves the baby, and Maisie spends half her time with a stuffed animal up her top because she wants a baby too.
I am sure the next 17 weeks will fly by and P3 will be over before we know it, we will think of a name soon enough, and hopefully will get some more pictures; even if they do come with the baby’s crazy older siblings in the background.







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