To the baby that we have not yet met

Some may try and tell you, you are the forgotten one. The one who just had to go along with the older ones, the one who had to fit in, but I am here to tell you you will never be forgotten.
I felt you before I felt either your brother or sister, and because of those little flutters, the truth is that I will know you the longest.

You may not get the time that your brother got, just us parents and you, something I worried greatly about before your sister was born but I am here to tell you, you wont get that time, but what you will get is so much more.

You have a brother who is telling everyone you are coming. He is so excited, he kisses my belly goodnight every night before he goes to bed. He is kind, he is sweet and he loves his sister more than anything, yes he wants you to be a brother, but I am sure if you are not that will be OK too.

You have a sister who loves babies, something I think she has inherited that from me. She doesn’t have too many words yet but she so clearly says baby when she rocks her toys against her chest. She is so loving, she is our little social butterfly, she may not realise that you are coming but when she meets you I know she will never want to let you go.

You have a Dad who loves being a Dad. He is the reason you will be so used to squeals and laughter coming from your brother and sister. My time with you so far has not been easy but he is the one who has looked after us, you will quickly learn he is good at that, looking after us. He will be the calm when you need it, he will get burps out of you that I just can’t seem to get out, and he will probably get your first smile.

We still have a little while to go just you and I.
You in your peaceful little home and me with your secret little kicks just for me. Our time is passing quickly and you are growing quicker than I remember either of your siblings growing. The sickness that you gave me is slowing, for that I am so grateful, and I am quickly beginning to remember why I love being pregnant so much. I love this feeling, knowing that you are always with me, wondering who you will be, dreaming big dreams for you and imagining how you are going to complete our little family puzzle.

So my little Baby, no, you may not get those one on one moments that your brother was so lucky to have. Your feeds will be interrupted, you will cop a few bumps here and there from your over excited siblings, and you will have to learn to nap with the background hum of toddlers playing, but instead of just two people waiting to meet you, you now have four and for that you are so lucky.

So just keep giving those kicks Baby, I am sure you will hear your brother’s excitement when he finally feels one. Enjoy the peace while you can, we will keep watching you grow and wait with anticipation for the big day of our meeting, even if it is still a long way off, the excitement for you is palpable and you are already so loved.



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