Big News

We found out we were having a baby on the day after Duncan had completed his last day of uni. As one chapter ended, another one was just beginning. Our life as a family of five.


I am lucky enough to have done this whole pregnancy thing before.
I remember the day before I took the pregnancy test going to bed at 7.45pm, after being exhausted all day, I joked to Duncan that I must be pregnant because I wasn’t sick.
We both laughed saying what a miracle that would be.
Turns out a wonderful miracle it was.


Pregnancy with two children and moving house is interesting to say the least.
The last two months I have discovered that my spirit animal is now a sloth who seems to be suffering an incurable hangover.
I have cried over Leo saying that ‘Mummy doesn’t want to play with him or look after him anymore’ when the truth is I physically couldn’t.
I have told Maisie to go away when she comes for a cuddle, breaking her little heart, while I have been curled around the toilet.
I have realized how time can go slowly but so quickly at the same time.

I am so grateful for Duncan. He has been nothing short of amazing. This pregnancy has really knocked me, when I was too sick to be anywhere but the bathroom Duncan was getting the kids ready, when I couldn’t get out of bed in the night or early in the morning Duncan got up. When I was getting frustrated with all the noise he would tell me to go and have a rest, when I was falling asleep on the couch Duncan would entertain the kids and let me be.
Pregnancy doesn’t only make a Mother it makes Father’s too (and even though Dunc is already a father this still rings true).
Being a good husband isn’t about what dates they take you on or the gifts they buy you, it’s the support they give, the doing it all when you simply can’t, the never complaining, the understanding even when it must be so hard to understand what you are feeling.
I have moved away from my family but the support I have is amazing and once again the only word I can think of is Lucky. I know this will embarrass Duncan immensely, but he is wonderful and we are all so thankful that he chose us.

I have a feeling this third pregnancy will be a blink and I’ll miss it type thing.
I am busy with two other little people, one of which is dropping his afternoon sleeps so there are no breaks.
So, if the first three months are anything to go by, the baby will be here before we know it. We are so excited, we know what a blessing it is to have this wonderful gift and we just can’t wait to meet our next little (or if history repeats itself, not so little) bundle of joy.



6 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Congratulations Jess and Duncan you are truly blessed, as is this new little being to be entering your gorgeous family. Hope the remaining months are free of illness so you can enjoy establishing your new home xx

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