The year that was. 2016.

I think it goes without saying 2016 has been a big one for us.
Settling in with a new baby, adjusting to life as a family of four.
Duncan’s uni causing random schedules, him going away for placement, him being home for placement, him trying to find he time for study after the children have settled and gone to bed for the evening, him trying to find that ever illusive “balance” between work/life/family/study/self. Myself also always trying to find that balance, trying to be ever present for my kids as well as starting a new business and a new job, this year has been a juggle to say the least.

But we made it, Duncan’s uni is now over, he has a job that we will know when and where he is working week by week (something that we have not had for four years) and we will have a constant, solid income, we are finally there.

In many ways 2016 was the year we wished away. Something that I feel terrible saying because it was so wonderful for us in so many ways, the first year of my sweet little Maisie’s life and the year Leo became a little boy.
But 2016 held so much for us, it was the year we calculated towards, the year that we were hanging on to, the light at the end of the ‘life as university students’ tunnel.

So in my last post for the year I thought I would reflect a little bit on the year that was, yes posts have been few and far between this year (as I said, always trying to find the balance) but it has been a year of so many highs, despite having had this big cloud over the final year of uni, now that it is all over I can’t help but feel slightly sentimental about the year was, the year that I constantly just wanted to be over and done with.

It was the year we learned to function as a four. And wondered how we were ever just a three or a two.

It was the year we learned what tired really was. And how you can function regardless. This year taught me about routines and how they work with my children, something that, despite my random days of flexibility, I am grateful for learning.

It was the year we saw who Leo was going to be. The change that happens to your child between the ages of two and three is enormous, out of nowhere they are a little person, the toddler disappears and all of a sudden they have this attitude, this imagination, this ability to communicate with you and it would have to be one the funnest part of my parenting career so far.

It was the year we learnt not all babies are the same. Even if they are cut from the same cloth. Maisie is cheeky, she is tough, she loves animals and babies and absolutely idolizes her brother.
Although he was what some would say an “easy baby” Leo was timid and shy, he took time to assess the situation before getting involved, where Maisie just dives right in.
Second child vs First I suppose. You don’t think there will be a difference but in our case there definitely was.

It was the year that we learnt that we cannot do it all, and that is OK. After one too many  breakdowns and frantic moments of trying to squeeze everything in, things that we probably shouldn’t have committed to in the first place, we have finally learnt the importance of sometimes just saying ‘no’ and prioritizing our selves and our family time.

And finally, It was the year we decided to take a leap. Despite the fact that it is scary and probably initially surprising to most who know us, we decided to try something new and move our little family to a completely new place. Daunting, yes. But if life has taught me anything it is that moments pass too quickly, and if you don’t take opportunities when they arise then you will miss out.

This year was huge for us.
We have made a life changing decision, we have accomplished things that we once thought were too hard or too scary and we made so many wonderful memories. I am so thankful for all the beautiful people we get to share our lives with, our wonderful families and friends and our two gorgeous children, although there are moments where they severely test my patience, they are nothing short of perfection and I am so lucky to be their Mum.

So here’s to 2016, the year of so many exciting times for our little family, thanks for the memories, but as we roll into another year something is telling me the best is yet to come.

















3 thoughts on “The year that was. 2016.

  1. What beautiful photos Jess!
    Wishing you and your lovely little family a wonderful 2017.
    I hope it’s everything you wish for and more. xx


  2. When I read all that it sounds like you have had the most amazing year. You have done so much and you are so brave for taking that leap and risk and getting out of the comfort zone. I hope we are able to do the same when the time comes! Cheers to 2016 and may 2017 be even more wonderful x


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