How to move house with children.

In one word. Don’t.
The house you live in now should be the house you stay in forever.
I say this in jest of course, but seriously our recent moving experience has been nothing short of a nightmare.

We have only ever move short distances, either across the road or to a town an hour and a half away, so of course moving somewhere that is eight hours from where you currently live is always going to take a little bit more organization but never did I imagine it would be like this.

So let me tell you a story.
The story of how we moved house.


Some details I will skip, the booking of the truck, the constant hunt for boxes, the sorting, the chucking, the endless rolls of tape we went through, blah blah blah.

I will start with how I was organised, how I had booked a truck, organised our children to go to the in-laws for two days, how we had it all packed and ready to go.
The truck was delayed. No worries, its coming first thing tomorrow.
First thing tomorrow turned in to mid to late afternoon, which when at 5pm when there was still no truck I was beginning to get nervous. So I contacted the truck, still three hours away, they will be here tonight. Great…how to keep two tired children up until 8.30 with no major meltdowns, no toys, no kitchen, nothing.
Anyway we managed, we waited for the truck until 9.45. 9.45 PM with a three year old who hadn’t had a nap and a one year old who usually goes to bed at 7.00. Not good.
It was at about 9.48pm that the guy with the truck told us that he didn’t think he would have enough room. Ummm what?! How is this even possible? Anyway too tired to fuss, just take what you can and we will meet you at the new place tomorrow. Off we go to Melbourne.
Starting at about 12.30am, the time we finally arrived in Melbourne, time to transfer the children without fuss, easy for some, not for us. Maisie decided to wake from 1-4am so Duncan drew the short straw and I got to sleep.
By 8am Duncan and I have said goodbye to our little’s and are on the road, we should be at the new place by about 4.00, giving us heaps of time before the truck is due to arrive between 6 and 8pm.
About 3.30 we get a phone call saying they haven’t left yet, they will be delayed, but good news all they couldn’t fit was the big dining table and the old BBQ. Great, bit delayed but at least they have our stuff right? Hmmm Wrong.
We go out for dinner, we come home watch a full movie, pack up and wait (we were told ETA of 10.30 so we better be ready), I fall asleep on the floor.
12.45AM truck arrives. Time to help unpack.
Head to bed around 3.30am grateful that we didn’t have the children with us for obvious reasons.
After a “parents sleep in” of 8.30am (curse you body clock), we get up and start the big job of starting to unpack and set up what we can in one day. With each box and the garage clearing out we are listing off things that have been left behind.
Where is our small dining table?
Where are the chairs?
Where is our lawnmower?
Where is your bike?
Where is the lamp from Leo’s room?
…The list goes on.
So they left more than just the BBQ and big dining table. Great.
Head home because we miss the children and are over all the unpacking.
In between strategizing how we will get the rest of our stuff up there, re-listening to Season One of Serial and the anticipation of seeing our children, the trip goes surprisingly fast.

So that was the mess that was Part One.
We are currently in the middle of Part Two.
The initial plan was head back to Bendigo, clean the house a bit, pack up the rest and head to my parents for a few days before Christmas.
Now, instead, Duncan needed to do an extra trip up to the new place with the trailer full of our left overs, after dropping myself and the children at my Mum and Dad’s, he would then go up to the new place, then back to Bendigo, get what we need for Christmas and meet us here.
Such. A. Pain.

So here I sit at Mum and Dad’s waiting to hear from him, telling me the house is cleared out and presentable, telling me he is on his way and that we can finally get into some Christmas cheer. It is stinking hot, he will be exhausted and in dire need for a beer, which I will have ready.

Our experience with moving interstate has been chaotic and messy to say the least. I should change the title of this post to ‘How to not to move interstate’ as moving with children has nothing to do with this. The children were beautiful, they have coped so well with the mess and the boxes and the change in their surroundings (probably something to do with all the cafe stops and babychinos but I’ll overlook that point).

One day this will all be a story we can look back on and laugh about, but for now it is just a hectic end to a busy year.
Thankfully I am not superstitious or I may have taken the whole moving saga as a sign, but instead I am telling myself that the only way from here is up and looking forward to creating many happy and wonderful memories in the new house.

And in an act of perfect timing, Duncan has just messaged to say he is on his way and Christmas time can begin, so from my family to yours, I hope you have a wonderful weekend to come and Merry Christmas xx.




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