How it all happened

You know when you have news and you can’t put it out in the world until you have told everyone who needs to know? Like when you get engaged you can’t change your relationship status on Facebook until all the aunts and uncles know, or when you’re pregnant and you don’t want to tell your work friends until your family and your non-work friends know.

Well recently we had news, big news. Not baby big news but big enough to surprise everyone we know. So I’ve given it a few weeks and I am pretty sure by now most people who need to know and we can finally put it out there.

We are moving.
Not moving like we are just moving house, moving as in moving interstate to a place we have never been to besides driving through. We could be crazy but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

We initially had the idea a few months ago, a fleeting conversation about how much we loved the beach and how it would be a great lifestyle to have, this followed by a what I thought was passing comment by me saying something along the lines of: We could do it before the kids are in school, it’s the perfect time. This was our light bulb moment. When we thought, can we really do this? The kids aren’t enrolled in school or kinder yet. Duncan is about to start a new career. We won’t be buying a family home for another couple of years and would have to rent anyway, so why not rent at the beach? Why don’t we just look at if there are any jobs around?

So we printed of a map of Australia, circled the places where we thought we might like to live and we made a pros and cons list.
The Pros list was extremely long. Daily walks along the beach. Dream lifestyle. Adventure. Exciting. Good experience for the kids. A Fresh start.
The Cons list, although short was so much harder to get past. Points about moving away from family and missing my sisters, are still things that I am having to get used to and if I am honest, just putting to the back of my mind, but I am sure that with the amount of times my sisters and I message each day and the amount of times Mum and Dad FaceTime we will still feel close regardless of the distance.

So there we were, map circled, pros and cons leaning to the pro and no idea if there were even any jobs around or if this was even possible. So after a few searches online we found one perfect job, in the one place that we had circled the hardest. This was it, meant to be. Duncan sent through an enquiry, (at this stage we were still unsure if we even wanted to go and needless to say we had told NO ONE), and we waited. The following day he heard back. “Sorry, thanks for your interest but the job is taken.” Bugger. We were so disappointed, leading us to the conclusion that we did really want this.
At this stage, I couldn’t take not talking about it to anyone and I told one of my sisters. Telling her it probably won’t happen but I was putting it out into the universe that the dream job will reopen and Dunc will get it.
A few days later and Duncan got an email. “We think we may have another opportunity for you if you are still interested…” {Might I just say another opportunity meant they had opened up another grad position in the location that we were hoping to move!!!} Anyway from this point, there was the interview, then the job offer and then it was done. The job was his. Now I am not really a big believer in putting things out there or all that ask and you shall receive stuff but this time I asked and we received.

So the big move begins. There is the house hunt, the sorting, chucking, storing of all our things, the packing up of a million and one toys, the job hunt for myself, and all those annoying little jobs that go along with moving.
There are moments where we realise the enormity of it, we are going somewhere where we know no one, where we are way away from our families. Where we are quite possibly well and truly out of our comfort zones but it will be our little gang by the beach and that somehow makes everything OK.

Yes, it is daunting, but we feel lucky to have this opportunity, and we are so excited.

Let the adventure begin…


{Side note: I thought this the perfect time to change my blog name, now a mum of two I feel I have outgrown the title of “New Mum” and given our current life change paying homage to the sea-change seemed only appropriate.}



11 thoughts on “How it all happened

  1. Well it all sounds very exciting. You should love it. Anywhere warmer would be nice. No reason not to stay for quite a few years if it all works out.
    Good luck.


  2. How brave of you both Jess! I’m very envious as it is something I have dreamed about doing for 30 years ;). I am sure that it will be everything you wish for and more.


  3. Hey Jess! I read this the other day but didn’t have a chance to comment, and I was scrolling through and catching up on emails and here I am! Congrats on the big brave move and I love your new name. My husband always says he’d like to move to a part of Australia with a better climate than Adelaide – but I don’t know how I would cope without family support! Best of luck and I look forward to following your adventures! Xx


  4. Eeek!!! I am so excited to have found your blog! Just discovered you on insta and can’t wait to follow your journey! We are just about to build a house in New Zealand and move from Sydney over there and I am thinking all the things you are! Looking forward to following your journey for your family and the new adventures that await!! xx


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