Why did I pack a book?


The wind in our hair and his kite in a tangle,
The rock pools pushing his boots in all angles. 
The sand and the waves and hunting for treasure,
The memories we made we’ll have them forever. 

As a parent holidays are different.
First there is the strategically timed drive to the destination. If there is one thing parents know how to do it is to plan their day around the sleep of their little ones. Especially if it means road trips in peace with your choice of music verses constantly finding something for your toddler to eat and trying to reach behind you to pat a crying baby while listening to the Hairy Maclary Audio Book on repeat.
Then there is the strange holiday bed that the toddler refuses to sleep in alone, making you realize that the fleeting thought you had two weeks ago about wording up sleeping in a different bed on holidays shouldn’t have been so fleeting.
And then there is the adventure.
The thing about life with toddlers, I believe, is that it is poorly marketed. Everyone goes on about terrible twos and threenagers, public tantrums and attitude take over, it clouds over all the good stuff and people forget to mention how wonderful this time of life is. They forget to tell you that if you take them to the beach, they will look at the waves in joy and wonder. They forget to tell you how their little voice will shake with excitement when they yell they love the beach and how they love holidays from the top of their lungs. The wind drowning their voice and blowing their hair making them look slightly wild and free in a way that even on the windiest day at home they could never look the same.
They forget to tell you about all the adventures you will have.

We got back from holidays yesterday.
Our car is still partly packed, the washing machine will probably have another two cycles before the day is out and if we are truthful we are not really rejuvenated. We had tantrums, and tears, we had late nights, followed by early, early starts but most importantly, we had adventure. We explored rock pools, we made footprints in sand that swallowed our feet and we searched for the elusive perfectly crafted sea-shell.
We did things that I have done so many times before but we did them with someone who has never done them, that’s why holidays as a parent are so different. Sure, some days it is hard to accept that our days of relaxing with a good book are now gone, but I think the days that lay ahead of us are so much more riveting than a good book could ever be.




One thought on “Why did I pack a book?

  1. Glad you had a good holiday with your two precious kids… Sorry about the downsides, but pleased the good times won…. All part of life’s adventures…..lots of love to all.xxx

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