Out and about


Getting out of the house is no longer an easy task. Gone are the days where I would grab my bag and go, I have children now, these things take time.

First there is the outfit debate.
“I don’t want to wear those pants, I want to wear shorts. I don’t like Thomas socks, Where are my Percy socks? I don’t want my Percy socks, Where are my Thomas socks?…” You get the idea.

Then there is the nappy change/toilet stop.
Change Maisie’s nappy/outfit as required. Pack nappy bag.
Ask Leo if he needs to go to the toilet, says no, pack spare undies, outfit and shoes into nappy bag.

‘Why do you keep fidgeting? Why are you standing like that?’
Potty stop, generally forced but usually always necessary.

Hunt for phone/wallet/keys.
Typically these are found in the last spot searched…the pram.

Quickly sneak bribe for future use into pram/handbag.
Not always needed, but gee whoever first put sultanas into toddler size boxes, I thank you, you have saved me from having to deal with a public tantrum many times.

Next put baby in the pram.
Guaranteed milk vomit/explosive nappy movement to occur riiiiiggghhhttt now.
Change and wipe down for Maisie and back in the pram she goes.

Toddler protest (probably the most difficult and time consuming obstacle to conquer.)
“I don’t want to go down the street. I want to stay home. I don’t like it outside. I want to watch a movie…”
Work powers of persuasion and convince toddler that it is a good thing to go somewhere other than our lounge room today.

Out the door.

Out the gate.

Realize have left toileting accident/nappy bag inside front door.
Weigh up chances of needing this bag, decide better take it ‘just in case’, turn around.

Back to the house.

Sprint inside (as fast as post baby fitness allows you to) grab nappy bag, start again.

Twenty minutes, at least, and all of that before we have even gone anywhere.
(Please note that the word pram can be replaced for car in the above; in that case add an extra five/ten minutes for buckling both children in to car seats.)


We try to leave the house everyday. Not to go anywhere in particular just to leave. It is our escape and sometimes needed just to try to tire a certain someone out.
There have been days where the whole outing involved a tantruming toddler and a weepy baby.
There have been days where we have had to stop at every public toilet that we could find all for the sake of two drops.
There have been days where both children have been perfectly behaved, toddler walked, baby slept and it all seemed so easy.

Getting out of the house, although to some may seem small, to most Mums it’s HUGE. It is an achievement, even if it’s just to see the outside world or to get some bread, it takes effort and as soon as you bring that little bundle home you realize how true this is.
So to all the Mums who got out of the house today well done, and to those that didn’t there is always tomorrow.



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