What I know so far

I have nearly survived my first week at home alone with two children. For those of you who don’t have children you may think, big deal. For those of you who do have children or have spent any time around a two-year old at all, will know what a daunting task that is.

Despite only being in the very early days of being home with the two little ones, they have already showed me a thing or two.

1. The first day will be easy.
Leading you into a false sense of security and almost arrogance.
Why does everyone go on about how hard two are?
My kids are awesome.
This is simple.
I have mastered this whole two under two thing, I must be an awesome mother —> HA!

2. The second day everything will fall to pieces.
Yesterday was too good to be true.
You will message your husband saying “What have we done?!?” and then another message minutes later stating your children are hard, like he has no idea and hope that by some miracle he can leave work early and come home.
Your children will cry at the same time. Forcing you to ignore the baby and deal with the toddler, telling yourself your second will be OK and you are simply building much-needed reliance.
Your newborn will stir two minutes after you put them down thinking they are asleep.
Your children will sleep at different schedules. Leaving you no chance to rest, eat, toilet, tidy and you can forget about having a hot cuppa. If you do get a minute to yourself your newborn will yell out for you.
You will witness your toddler tear apart all their toys, throwing them around the room right in front of you, before going to help themselves to anything they can reach in the fridge/pantry all while you are stuck feeding on the couch.
You will look at the clock and count the hours until your husband is home.
You will let your toddler be babysat by ABC Kids just so you can get a break to settle your newborn.
You won’t get a chance to check your phone all day (except from the few passive aggressive/desperate messages sent to your husband), leaving you to feel completely shut off from the normal world.
You will smell like vomit thanks to your newborn and you will be covered in god knows what from the hands of your messy toddler. You won’t care.
You will end the day absolutely exhausted.

3. The next day will be better.
After a hectic second day, you realize you need to start the day prepared.
You make sure the morning is filled with some sort of activity designed to exhaust the toddler, guaranteeing an afternoon nap and maybe you will even work it so they both sleep at the same time.
IMG_6605If you leave the house you will remember you forgot to do your hair/put on make up after you get home from wherever you ventured out to. You won’t care.
You accept that the house might be a mess.
You set your toddler up with his trains or books before starting to feed the baby, you feed the baby sitting on the floor next to the toddler with the trains if you have to.
You discover the amazing settling power of the baby carrier.
You send no “this is hard” text messages to your hubby.
You will get a cup of tea that is at least warm, if not hot.
You will still be relieved when your husband walks through the door. Still handing him the baby just maybe not as quickly or as hastily.
You will still be exhausted.

I think any parent or new mum will happily tell you how wonderful having a baby is. They may not be as quick to tell you just how hard it is. It is a massive change, even if you have done it all before there is still so much to learn. There is so much that you remember differently, or maybe just forget. The first few days alone are daunting and for good reason. You haven’t slept properly in what seems like weeks, you now have two people wanting your attention all the time and you have never been alone with two children before. It is nerve-racking. It will be tough but as tough as it is I am here to tell you (albeit only a few weeks in) it does get easier, you get better at multitasking, at time management, at being a mum and it does get easier.



5 thoughts on “What I know so far

  1. Hi Jess… Your last paragraphs say it all..you will have some harder days…but it does get easier… Lovely photos..xx

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Jess, love reading your blog! You are an amazing mum and doing an awesome job. Enjoy every beautiful moment of your gorgeous children’s growing and changing, it seems to fly by. Can’t believe that Leo is so big already! Reading your latest post leaves me in awe of my mum who had 6 kids under 7! How did they do it?!
    Keep up the wonderful journaling. What a treasure this record will be for Leo and Maise in the future.
    Lots of love, Jo xx


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