Welcome welcome beautiful girl


A little over a week ago we welcomed our precious Maisie Grace. She is absolute perfection.


Before meeting Maisie, I didn’t understand how I could love anyone as much as I love Leo. I was actually worried that I would not have enough love to share with this baby and my first, now I don’t how I could have ever been so worried. The birth of your child opens up a piece of you that you never knew existed and once it is opened you don’t know how you managed with that piece closed.


As you could’ve guessed, I am well and truly engulfed in the newborn bubble, where despite being sleep deprived to a point where your body tends to ache, everything is beautiful and lovely. The smell of your newborn, the little noises they make and faces they pull making every minute of sleep missed worth it.  I look at my children and all I can think of is how lucky I am, I am so grateful to be a mum, to be their mum. I am sure there will be times in weeks to come when I think of how much easier my life was when I went to work every day and didn’t have anyone that was completely dependant on me, for now I am just going to enjoy my little bubble.

IMG_6392  IMG_6471

Welcome to the world Maisie Grace – You are so loved.


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