P1 v P2: Part three; The third trimester

As my second pregnancy draws to a close it seems appropriate that I write this post now, while I am still pregnant and waiting and while I still have a skerrick of time on my hands. As excited as I am for this pregnancy to be over and to meet whoever has been taking over my body for the last nine months, I am also a tad bit sad it is coming to an end. Last night I was lying in bed, my unborn child kicking the living daylight out of me and I remembered how much I missed the little kicks after Leo was born. As hard as pregnancy is physically, emotionally and mentally, I love it and I am as shocked as anyone to admit that I will actually miss it.

The third trimester of my first pregnancy seems like such a long time ago, either I have blocked it out or it gets blurred into the memory of Leo being born and that memory is far greater and as far more important as moments in my life go.
So despite having limited memory of P1’s last trimester here is, the third edition of my series P1 v P2; the countdown is on.

IMG_5829    IMG_6294
At risk of sounding repetitive, P2 is WAAAAYY harder on the body, and with a husband who has had spinal surgery in the last month of our pregnancy, rendering him unable to lift anything heavier than a kilo, my body is just about ready for this to be over. Surprisingly I have held up quite well, we have an excellent climber and like any nearly two-year old, Leo loves his independence so walking everywhere is not too much of an issue.
I think my belly size has now plateaued and I have reached the limit of how far I can stretch, although I may be proved wrong if this baby decides it wants to camp out in there much longer.
As I say, I can not remember that much about this stage of P1, I do not remember Braxton Hicks being as uncomfortable as they are, what I remember of P1 is labour just started and when it started it was on. The last few days have been filled with on and off contractions, hopefully warning signs of something that is to come in the next few days.

We make very wriggly babies. P1 and P2 are the same on this scale. I am being kicked what feels like all the time, the baby has found its favourite place under my ribs and it looks like the only way I am getting relief from this pain is by giving birth.

P1 all sickness at this stage was well and truly over. P2 I have been lucky enough to experience morning sickness all the way up to week 39, fortunately the sickness is restricted to the mornings and is only every other day but it has made me appreciate how quickly I can move as a tired and pregnant woman.

P1 I was spoilt, finishing work at 36 weeks and only working half days from about 34 weeks onwards. P2 I worked up until I was 38 weeks, albeit I was only working one and a half days a week, but as any mother of a nearly two-year old will tell you, the days when I weren’t at work seemed a lot longer and harder than those spent working. “Rest when your child is resting’ is good in theory but in practice is not very appropriate. The last few weeks have been spent doing lots of colouring, building and indoor activities as well as having extremely early nights all round.

While the start of this trimester was filled with worry about how I will cope with the labour this time around and how I will cope with a toddler and baby, as the due date nears closer and closer I am no longer as worried and reaching the stage of uncomfortable desperation to get this baby out. Yes, I am still curious as to how I will cope, how my body handle labour this time, if I will have a similar labour and all those burning questions that every pregnant woman has, but the excitement of wanting to know who is inside me has begun to take over and I am getting to the stage where I just want it all to begin.


So there we are, I think it is safe to say that every pregnancy will get harder. The body is weaker, the list of people to look after is longer and longer each time and the naivety of labour has been taken away from you. As my forty weeks is officially up tomorrow and my due date will be here I can only hope the next time I write one of these posts I am writing to introduce a gorgeous bundle and not having a whine about waiting for an over cooked baby to come.


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