Packing is hard to do

Scrolling through my Facebook feed last night I was delighted to see an article pop up; “Preparing for Baby: What to pack in your hospital bag.” Perfect. I’m 37 weeks pregnant, being a serial procrastinator, this is something I am yet to do and know I really should.
Upon clicking on this link you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was an article that I had written for another site. When I wasn’t pregnant. When I hadn’t packed a hospital bag in ten months. When I had a word limit and a target of five items to work towards in this so called hospital bag.

Every day I wake up and put ‘packing the bag’ on the list of jobs to do for the day. The end of each day comes and still I am yet to have that bag ready and waiting. There are nineteen days until due date, we are now in the window of “any day now” and maybe it is because this is the second time around or because we live literally two minutes from the hospital, I am taking a very relaxed approach on what to bring with us when the moment does come.

My pre-pregnancy list was fair enough, it included things like clothes for baby, clothes for mum, sanitary items, breastfeeding supplies and toiletries, including makeup and shampoo, two things I had forgotten on my first visit to hospital. This time around I am taking two bags. One for baby and one for me.
Baby’s bag is packed. I can see it now over by the door, ready to go. It is packed because it is an exciting bag to pack, tiny clothes, a pink beanie, a blue beanie, bunny wraps and teeny tiny nappies that seem like they would be too small to fit anything for very long at all. I can’t wait to unpack this bag, what outfits will our little baby wear first? Will they fit into the petite 0000 sized clothes, or will it be like its big brother and be straight into the 000’s? And the ultimate question, what colour beanie will we be pulling out to put on its undoubtedly bald head?
My bag, sits empty and waiting. Maybe because it is going to be filled with things I am not looking forward to using (maternity pads, nursing pads, compression shorts etc), but mostly because I know labour doesn’t just happen, I know I will have time to get these things if labour starts without the bag already being packed. So what will I be putting in to a bag hopefully at some stage over the next couple of days? Not changing much from my original hospital bag list, here is what I will be taking to hospital, no doubt over packing for my short stay there but I figure it’s always better to be prepared.
Clothes: clothes for labour, pyjamas (a few pairs and all button up tops for night feeds), leggings/yoga pants, maternity singlets, loose tops, compression shorts and maternity bras and undies.
Toiletries: as I said I completely forgot some of this topic last time. Body wash, shampoo and conditioner (because you will want to wash your sweat filled hair!), toothbrush/paste, makeup, maternity pads, nursing pads, nipple cream (Lansinoh my cream of choice) and chapstick as that hospital air seems to dry everything out.
Other: snacks for husband during labour- rollups (Duncan’s “labour treat”), phone charger, camera (this comes with husband not necessarily packed in my bag), books to read with first-born when comes in to visit second born. Some people like to BYO pillow but I remember being that tired after Leo was born it wouldn’t have mattered if the hospital made me sleep on a phone book I would’ve been OK so I am saving my pillow the trip.

I’m sure there are other little bits and pieces that I have forgotten/overlooked but I am lucky to say that I have an extremely competent husband and family who will be happy to bring me in anything I have forgotten or buy me magazines/ timtams/ lollies when I am in desperate need.

Looking over that list, it’s not that hard, I should really just go and pack that bag, but as a heavily pregnant lady I have done enough for today and there is always tomorrow…or the weekend. Either way I know I will not be walking in to that hospital empty-handed and besides I was reading today it is good to “distract” yourself in the early stages of labour, packing my hospital bag seems as good of a distraction as any.


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