5 things you initially thought were cute but soon realise they are not

“Big Kid” clothes
There is nothing cuter than a small child dressed up like an old man. I am the first to run out and search for incredibly cute and I am sure incredibly impractical outfits once my friends have babies. But the moving on from one pieces to two or three can bring on a number of problems;
– what to wear with what
– cleaning 3 times as much
– the tantrums it takes to get a child dressed each morning
– and the sudden look of ‘child’ rather than ‘baby’

Feeding oneself
Initially very cute. They can use a spoon- how adorable. Until you realise feeding them was not only a much quicker, but cleaner option.

The constant need to “help”
So cute when they first start doing this, bringing their chair around to the sink to help you do the dishes, or passing you the pegs when you’re hanging out the washing. That is, until they get bored with helping and want to actually do the job you are doing.
What used to be a five minute job has now become a twenty five minute job and it usually involves some form of frustration or tears; not necessarily the childs.

The use of the phrase “one more”
Initially we loved this one as it was even accompanied by a little finger being held up to his chin, but as we have learned very quickly one more never just means one more, it means ‘as many times as I ask until you say no’ more. And, as all parents know, there are some books you can only read so many times before they begin to drive you insane.

Wanting to sleep on mum instead of the cot
So this one may be my own fault. Let a child do something a few days in a row and that is what they think is the norm.
It is adorable. How many years as parents do we get where your child finds you their most comfortable place? It is peaceful, it is beautiful, but it is also extremely heavy and awkward and with a new baby on the way it cannot be happening. Time will still be made for cuddles, just not two hour sleepy cuddles. So for now, my dear sleepy, heavy child the battle to get you back into the cot for that daytime sleep is on.

There will be more and more things along the way. But the truth is even when they are annoying or even a bit of a nuisance, you let them do it because you find it cute and funny, even if no one else does, because they are yours and you know that these moments won’t last forever.



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