P1 v P2: Part two; The second trimester

Trimester Two, or as my husband likes to call it, the “pudding” trimester. Where you don’t really look pregnant, you just look like you are getting a bit of a pudding belly.
The twelve or so weeks where you go from looking not pregnant at all, to a little bit chubby, to a definite baby bump.
After surviving trimester two it is that time again to compare, P1 v P2: Achy pudding days.


FullSizeRender (10)   IMG_5795
P2 seems harder on the body than P1 ever was. Second time around the phase from looking not pregnant at all to definite baby bump happens a whole lot quicker than the first time. This may be due to a combination of relaxed pre-stretched tummy muscles, the difference in fitness pre-pregnacies and the lack of time to consciously think to ‘switch on’ your abdominals when walking around. Personally I have felt huge from about week 25, probably because I did the silly thing of looking back at photos of P1 at the same time and realising just how much bigger I am. I know compared to some others, I am not huge, but I feel it, P2 is definitely measuring about two-three weeks bigger than P1 did on the belly size scale.
It goes without saying, but with a bigger belly comes bigger aches and pains. P2 has caused my back to pack up on itself. Muscle spasms, seizing and cramping all down my right side, have caused a few sleepless, teary nights and my new saviour to become the heat pack, heated up just that bit hotter than recommended.

Not only did P2 give me butterflies earlier than P1 did, I have felt this baby so much more than I ever felt Leo. Whether that is purely because I have forgotten how frequent and strong Leo’s kicks were, but either way this baby is strong. The kicks are unbelievable and by far one of my favourite things about being pregnant, a constant reminder that I have someone with me and I love all the little reminders, even if they do make it hard to get to sleep some nights.

No surprises here. Just like in trimester one, P2 trumps P1 on all levels. Exhaustion has a whole new meaning being pregnant, working and living with a toddler. There is no doubt about it, P2 is tiring. When I used to come home and sit on the couch alone peacefully resting, I now come home and am lucky enough to have a gorgeous little boy crawl all over me and drag me everywhere. There is more kneeling, chasing and crawling around on the ground, there is more carrying a heavy load in the shape of a wriggly child and there is much more to manage around the house.

P1 was filled with sleepless nights; anxiety and the inability to get comfy being the two main culprits.
P2 there have been few sleepless nights, although pregnancy fills my head with vivid dreams, sleeping is generally not something I have a problem doing after chasing a busy boy around all day.

P1 I was nervous about the baby. P2 I am nervous about getting the baby out. Possibly because the memory of labour is still fresh and I know how big my last baby was. Going in to labour naively is a much nicer way to go in to it. Yes, I know in a way this is easier because I know what to expect and have an idea of how I will manage but at the same time, I do not remember even remotely thinking about the labour this much during P1.
P2 gives you confidence that you know how to look after a baby, you know (despite being a bit worried) you will get through the labour, but how do you know how to look after a baby and a toddler? Together, at the same time, while you are stuck breastfeeding on the couch and the toddler rips your lounge room to shreds in front of your eyes. Or when you stop for a minute to make yourself a cup of tea or go to the toilet and the toddler brings you the baby in an attempt to ‘help mummy’. Little thoughts about managing two children rather than just one are the cause of small moments of anxiousness and worry, but I figure we worked it out with P1 and we had absolutely no idea about babies or children so I am sure we will manage just fine.

P1 trimester two there was minimal sickness, I stopped having morning sickness at week 14 on the dot.
P2 has been different once again. Every few days in P2 would be greeted with sickness until about week 20. Heartburn has also been a new and surprising experience of P2, something I never once experienced during P1.  (I am trying not to read little into these two differences when guessing the sex of the baby.)

Although during the first trimester P2 trumped P1 in the planning department, besides setting up the cot and now purchasing the car seat, we haven’t really organised much else. P2 there is much less to organize, much less to buy. I have gone through Leo’s baby clothes and decided that most of it is ‘gender neutral’ even if it really isn’t and that is the extent of trimester two’s planning period.

So there you have it P1 v P2: Part two.
Overall P2 is still proving much harder than P1 in many ways, I am sore and tired in ways that I didn’t know I could be but I know that it is all worth it. Most days, P2 feels like it is nearly over, our days as a family of three are diminishing quickly. Life is really busy, time is going so fast and unbelievably, the third trimester is already here, the countdown to meet this little one is on and I am very excited.


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