Yay!! We’re having a baby!!!!

Lately blog posts have been few and far between. Partly because another semester has started and most days Duncan takes his computer with him, but mostly because it has been the last thing I have had the energy to do.
Duncan and I have always said we would have our children close together, a two-year gap, that was the plan, and I am so excited to say, that it is exactly what we are getting.

FullSizeRender (8)

I am now almost four months pregnant and in the fifteenth week of my pregnancy I have realised something, for the first time in months, this was the first week that I did not throw up or even feel sick for that matter. Something a non-pregnant person would think nothing of, but to me, a pregnant mother of a one year old, it is something to celebrate.

As I have said before, children (or at least toddlers) do not give you sympathy when you are sick. With Leo’s developing cheeky personality there were mornings/afternoons/evenings where I would be stuck retching over the toilet and in would pop a little boy, not to check up on me, but to laugh at me. You see, according to Leo, the joys of early pregnancy do not make you glow, they make you hilarious.

Now as all parents know, parenthood is a constant lesson. You learn something new everyday, whether it is about you, your partner or your child. And for me, pregnancy number two has been no different. Even if all I have felt that I have achieved in the last few months is survive the worst bout of fake gastro I have ever had, I have to admit, I have learnt a thing or two;
– First of all, clearly, I am an absolute crack up.
– I have the amazing ability of subtly disguising a vomit run for a toilet run without anyone one even knowing.
– The exhaustion I have felt juggling a one year old and a pregnancy has rivaled the exhaustion felt in the first few days of parenthood.
– A little boy with big blue eyes saying ‘peeeaaasssssseee’ and holding a toy or book will override any feelings of extreme fatigue.

But here is one thing that I haven’t had to learn, something I already know for sure, the thing I keep reminding myself every time I think that it is all a bit hard.
– It is all worth it, every single bit of it. The ability to get pregnant and have babies is the best thing that has ever happened to me. All I can feel is lucky, I am so excited for October and to give Leo a little brother or sister.



12 thoughts on “Yay!! We’re having a baby!!!!

  1. Congratulations Jess !!!! I hope you start feeling good and can enjoy your pregnancy. My boys are nearly 2 years apart too and its a wonderful gap. They are 3 and 1 now and enjoy each others company very much.


  2. Hi Jess…I pressed delete instead of reply to your latest blog !!!! Can you send it to me again???

    Sent from my iPad



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