Washing woes

All week I had been planning on writing my blog tonight. Thursday night, blog night. Duncan at training, Leo in bed, Me on the couch, computer in lap blogging away. Then today, our washing machine broke, I paid a man $80 to come to our house for five minutes and tell us we would be better off buying a new one. Now, instead of focusing on my blog, I am reviewing washing machines. Comparing prices, drum size, energy rating, which washer will be best for my two to three loads a day?

As a parent you are always going to do something, clean out the pantry, sort out the baby clothes, then your child decides to skip a sleep or your washing machine breaks and your plans quickly go out the window.

I am a mum who has a constant list going, albeit in my head, but there is a list. Most days, life gets in the way of the list, the park and sunshine beckons and watching Leo play always overrides whatever chore I could busy myself with. Leo is a busy boy who likes company, there is no time to sit nicely and watch mum vacuum, instead he takes over and does the vacuuming, so as you can imagine, cleaning is slower than it used to be and ever so slightly more documented through pictures. I guess what I am trying to say is that, yes there are constant jobs as a mum, you are constantly busy in one way or another, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Things may be slow and not how you plan but that is OK, as long as your child gets something out of the day gone by, then you can hold your head high.


So tonight, my time for blogging is now all used up. A decision on a washing machine needs to be made within the next two days and seeing as I am married to someone who’s least favourite household job is the washing, I had better chose wisely!


3 thoughts on “Washing woes

  1. Ahhh that never ending list and everything that gets in the way. There’s always the plan you have in your head and then there’s the reality of what actually gets done 🙂


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