Time will change you


Any one who has had a baby in the last couple of years knows what a cake smash is. Photographs taken of your child hoeing into a ridiculously elaborate cake, in the hope that they will smear it all over their excited little face, all in the aim of achieving that perfect picture. A cake smash is something I thought to be completely inappropriate and unnecessary. It was one of those things I had said Leo would not be doing, that is, until I was asked if we would like to do one. I am lucky enough to have an extremely talented friend who is a photographer. When we were discussing Leo’s first birthday photos, she put it out there, ‘How about a cake smash?’ And just like that, it was another one of those things that would be added to the list of things I said I would never do, until put in the moment as a parent.

FullSizeRender (1)

So many of my preconceived ideas that I had before becoming a mum have changed.

I will have a natural birth, stay calm and have no drugs; natural birth, not calm, asked for, make that, begged for pethidine.

I will never rock or feed my baby to sleep; that is how I got him to sleep for the first nine months of his life.

I will never let my baby cry itself to sleep; a technique we have recently started and he now goes to bed awake, cuddles his teddy, goes to sleep and sleeps for eleven hours.

I will puree all his first foods and have all his baby food prepared for the week; out of sheer laziness I have never blended Leo’s food. Fork smashed and hand food was our method of feeding.

I will maintain a clean house once I become a parent; our house is in a constant pigsty like state.

I will always leave the house makeup on, hair done and put together; my wardrobe is a constant rotation of yoga pants and my hair is up.

I will be one of those mums that jog; hahaha jogging.

I will not question my instincts as a mum; I am forever questioning if what I am doing is right.

I will not judge other mums or parents; I hate to admit this, but I have judged other mums. Usually querying a Facebook forum and usually in the privacy of my own home and only to my husband, but I am still ashamed to say I have done this.

The list could go on. Motherhood changes your view on things. I now look around a house and see the potential baby hazards. I look at a menu and the first thing I look for is the kiddies section. Clothes shopping is cuter and my Pinterest search history is filled with nursery ideas and first birthday cakes.

Motherhood has taken over my life, just as I said it never would, but I am so glad it has. If this past year has taught me anything, mistakes and all, it has shown me that I love being a mum. It is the best job I have ever had and I love every part of it.

To those of you that read last week’s post you will know that I had promised a year in review for this weeks post. I have now put that idea in the ‘too hard’ basket, in fact it was near IMPOSSIBLE to write. I have no idea where to even start, I started it about ten times. How can I possibly sum up the past year? The most exciting, wonderful, challenging, demanding and rewarding year of our lives. The year that we became parents, put quite simply, was the best year of our lives.


A big thanks to Lauren of Little Star Photography for all the photos, just beautiful.
Website: http://www.littlestarphotography.com.au
Instagram: @littlestarphotographybendigo


7 thoughts on “Time will change you

  1. oooh I think cake smash is cute and these photos are fabulous! I am going to dress my girl up in elaborate attire also. Like a big tutu
    I am also doing things a lot different that I thought I would. We cant really control the future I have learnt. You just have to go with it! ❤

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  2. Time will change you 🙂 truer words can’t be said. Being a mum to two has taught me that you can just not plan ahead and stick to plans. You need to go with the flow and change when needed.


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