Love notes

If I lost my wallet I would be devastated. Not for the cards or for the money, but for a small little note. It was given to me by my husband before we were husband and wife. Written on a sheet of receipt roll that he had taken from the register where we both used to work. It is wrapped around one of his old, expired student cards that I stole from his wallet. His young face, only 22 years old, the face I fell in love with. I don’t look at it often, sometimes I forget that it is even there. When I find it I read it and smile. A small piece of our lives before we were three, before we seemed so grown up, with grown up responsibilities.

I have never considered myself a sentimental person, that is, until this week. My son turns one in two days, all I can think of is, where has the time gone? This year has flown and my baby is now, well and truly, a little boy.

IMG_0874  image1

Leo turning one is having a very emotional effect on me. I keep thinking of how much life has changed in one year. How much Leo has changed and grown, that tiny baby that we first met one year ago has made us different people. Who knew someone so small could teach you so much? Time moves to quickly and having Leo has shown me that, sometimes I wish time would slow down. Every stage is passing before we know it and all I can do is hope that I don’t miss a thing.

I am lucky, my little note in my wallet is one of many, my house is scattered with small momentos. There are shoe boxes filled with cards given to me on birthdays passed, love notes hidden in books and bedsides. Then I have this. My blog. I look at it as my way of remembering the small moments of our life as a family. In a way it is my little love note to Leo. One day he will be able to read all the stories of his little life and know how special it was. Being a boy it probably won’t be appreciated until he too becomes a parent, but that’s OK by me.

Stay week: One Year; A year in review….


4 thoughts on “Love notes

  1. I have a fortune from a fortune cookie from Harry’s First Birthday Party (held at a Chinese Restaurant naturally.) It says ” Your life will be happy and peaceful” and that is all that I could hope for him x


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