Curls get the girls

People always comment on how much hair Leo has when they see him up close. You see, from a distance, he still looks very bald, unless you catch him in the sunshine and his white locks glisten.

When Leo was born, the midwife remarked how much she loved big bald babies. How there was something special about them. Looking over at my brand new big bald baby I thought she was simply being polite but, now, my heavily biased opinion tends to agree with her.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I have looked longingly at the other babies full heads of hair, envying their cute little tufts. Wondering how their mums manage to keep their hair clean, especially around meal times. It will take Leo years of growth before he reaches the same lengths as some newborns but that’s OK by me.

Every emotion Leo has is written all over his face, his lack of hair meaning that these emotions are also written all over his bald little head. I have watched his whole head turn from pale pink to red to what seems like blue mid tantrum. I have seen small wrinkles form, tiny folds over his skull moving with raised brows of curiosity. His beaming smile and belly laughs extending from his cheeks to his eyes rippling over his temples and his ears. I have been lucky enough to witness every emotion so vividly and if his hair holds off a little bit longer I will be lucky enough to witness a few more.

If family history is anything to go by, chances are, all my babies will be big and bald. I won’t have to worry about shampooing or haircuts until I am able to explain their importance, only to be questioned many times over. The hair brush will continue to be a play toy until I am chasing a running toddler with matted knots. And every bump will turn into a visible egg, not able to be hidden with a strategically placed wave of hair or clip. The lack of hair only drawing attention to the beauty of a new baby or small child, their flawless skin and pure eyes.

I have accepted the fact that there will be scalp showing in Leo’s first birthday photos. Not until recently has his hair been visible in photographs, small wispy curls poking out behind his ears. I have chased him with my camera, pathetically taking photos of these tiny curls, sending them to family and friends, proud that my son has the ability to grow some hair. Leo’s locks, or lack there of, has made me appreciate every new strand that appears on his precious head.

When people comment on Leo’s hair I don’t mind, simply because, I too am one of those people that comment on the hair growth of babies. I comment like it is a surprise that it has happened; ‘Oh wow, look how much their hair has grown.’ The slow and steady coverage of their heads yet another sign that, despite our best attempts to slow the process down, our babies are quickly turning into children.



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