An Ode to Dribble Rash

Dribble rash, dribble rash go away,

Dribble rash, dribble rash here to stay?

All this ointment tickles your chin,

I pray that this ointment will eventually win.
While your big white teeth look very sweet,
The rash they cause is not so neat.
Your neck is wet with a constant pool,
How can one baby produce so much drool?
When you’re standing tall and proud,
The state of your bib makes me gasp aloud.
Soaking bibs and tops all day,
Staying dry’s so yesterday.
The bandana you wear is no fashion statement,
It’s merely a method of dribble containment.
So while these teeth are coming though,
Here is something I’ll do for you.
Keep your chin dry and try as I might,
Excess saliva I’ll put up a fight.
Changing your bibs and wiping you down,
I’ll chase this dribble rash right out of town.
Ok so maybe I have read one too many kiddies books lately. On the to do list tomorrow… start a book with more than five words to a page!

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